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Airstream remodel – A heating, ventilation and cooling system (HVAC) is designed to be efficient and responsive, providing hot or cold air at the touch of a button. What appears to be a simple procedure from the outside becomes a complex network of intersecting forces contained within a defined volume if viewed by an HVAC professional. Throw value is an important aspect of an HVAC system.

The band value means how well the air moves through a room of a vent, or diffuser. An important factor in the band value is the terminal velocity of the air coming from the diffuser. It is influenced by the fan speed blows air in the HVAC unit, the size of the ducts and the distance from the fan. The manufacturers provide the band value for their air conditioning equipment based on the standard facilities.

Another band value factor is the ratio of the diffuser to the ceiling. Standard band values ​​tables are based on ceilings 8 to 10 feet tall, with the diffuser being set 1 foot below that height. Moving the diffuser up or down, or adjusting the ceiling height, affects the draft value. By placing the diffuser more than 3 feet from the ceiling, for example, it reduces the nominal band value by 20 percent.