Contemporary Gas Fireplace For Every Budget

Contemporary Bedroom With Gas Fireplace

Are you looking for examples of contemporary gas fireplace? On this website you will find a lot. Wide and narrow gas fireplaces. Open and closed fireplaces and see-through fireplaces. With a modern or classic design and for every budget. And there are even built-in fireplaces that can burn on gas and wood! Built-in fireplaces are currently the most used fireplaces in contemporary interiors. This is because they are available in many sizes and they fit perfectly in any interior.

The minimalist finish and therefore subtle presence ensures that the fireplace becomes part of the architecture. These built-in fireplaces are suitable for a wood, gas, ethanol or electric fire. They can be carried out in an open or closed combustion system, with or without glass between you and the fire.

If you have other ideas about a built-in fire, please contact us. The gas burners look largely like the electric ones and can very successfully mimic a stove. When sitting in front of the fireplace, it is hard to guess if it works with gas or electricity. The gas burner is encapsulated in a rock-solid body with refractory glass and the chimney creates an illusion of burning wood trunks or coal made of heat-resistant ceramic.