Designing The Floor Decor Of Coffee Color

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Coffee-colored wood floor decor makes a bold statement when used in your home, as the eye will naturally focus on furniture instead of the plant itself. The key to the success of decorating your house with dark floors is to add furniture, paintings and wall decorations that complement each other instead of coming into conflict with the deep color of the floor. Many colors can be used in combination with brown-colored wood floors, as the dark wooden floors work well with many color palettes.

Paint the walls of your area a neutral color to create a peaceful living or workspace or leave the walls white with a bold accent wall to give personality and increase the energy in the room. The dark wood floor combined with the brightly colored wall balances the amount of light and darkness in the room. Avoid painting dark walls, as this creates a depressing effect in a room that already has a lot of dark colors.

Fill the room with white or oak furniture to balance the coffee color of the hardwood floor. If you want to use dark furniture, place a light or bright carpet under the furniture to balance the floors with the furniture. A piece of brightly colored furniture, whether it’s the sofa or an individual chair, adds personality to the room and becomes the focal point of the room. Add decorative cushions-bright colors or prints to your sofa or chair to reduce the darkness in the room.