Different Style Of The Country Decor

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One of the characteristics of the country decor is a tranquility that permeates the entire room. However, the style options that are made when creating a country style room are many. There are several different types of country style decoration all of which generate a calm and aesthetically pleasing look in their own way.

Rustic style is one of the most common forms of country decoration. The furniture has a lot of pieces of wood of vintage or unfinished, many of which often have an elegant appearance very poor condition, with cracking or peeling paint. Iron and leather materials are usually common in this style of decoration, like wooden panels found in wooden cabins and white walls. With this type of country decoration style, it is common to see old signs hanging as wall decoration, such as “fresh eggs” or “jams and jellies.”

Modern country style incorporates the homelike and traditional style comfort, with furniture, something newer and closer attention to color. For example, Shaker furniture is a strong principle of modern country decoration: the furniture is made of wood, but it is finished and dyed a honey-colored tone. Any slightly stained wood furniture will work in a modern country style room. If the rustic style has the most natural colors with an occasional splash of red or blue, modern country style definitely allows more color completely.