Excellent Ideas House Castle Remodeling

Castle House Plans Stones

Castle remodeling – The ecological houses are not just homes that are sustainable in terms of what energy, but also in regards to mitigate the environmental impact of its construction and its presence in a habitat. The 100% natural materials that these architects use in their buildings, guarantee not only a visual integration with the environment, but also a real communion of the house with the nature that surrounds it.

The construction system chosen for this house was the quincha. The wooden framework was later filled with earth mixed with straw and adobe. The walls of this material beyond providing the elasticity of which we spoke above, have an excellent insulation capacity. For the roof, an intricate work of wooden beams arranged in angles was carried out, which contributed to give the castle that medieval quality that is not easy to achieve in these latitudes.

As is customary in several of the works that these architects have shared with us, the materiality consisting of wood and adobe, is the means to achieve the end of a sustainable architecture, more respectful of the habitat in which it is located and that will not leave a detrimental carbon footprint in the field over the years.