Farmhouse Decor Of Interior Design

Old Farmhouse Kitchens

Farmhouse decor style homes became popular from the 1920s. They were a departure from previous styles, which were much more compact and smooth. The design of these houses tried to open the interior of the house to the outside.

Choose interior paint colors that are in tune with the outdoors to reflect the ranch-style interior / exterior emphasis. Set the wall of wall carpets in large rooms like the living room or study. Ranch style carpets typically featured a woven pile carpet. Select furniture that complements the expanding opening of the ranch house. Furniture styles made outstanding by the Bauhaus school setting in this style. Hang curtains made of old satin or open-weave fabrics. To install recessed lamps in key areas of your home. This type of decoration lighting figures prominent in ranch-style houses.

Look for a dining table that can be slid into the bench seat. Invest in a fish tank and fill up with schools of colorful fish. One way to make this element really stand out is to find a tank large enough to function as a space separator. Invest in high ceramic lamps, glazing. Look for those who have great nuances and have the colors of your home. Remember to add decorative pieces to the mantle of the fireplace. Typically, ranch style fireplaces were made of stacked bricks and functioned as the centerpiece of the room.