Find One Of Nice Midcentury Sofa

Danish Modern Sofa Gray

Midcentury sofa – What do you use your sofa for? Drinking coffee, reading homework, taking a nap, sitting with your ipad or relaxing with a good book or magazine? If you find one that suits your needs, the sofa is one of the best places to hang out in your home. We ask you three questions that bring you closer to which sofa is the right one for you. Go for a high back and a small seat depth. Hard cushions make it easy to sit upright without collapsing.

A sofa with deep seats makes you slide down onto the sofa. It’s a good thing if you primarily use your sofa for relaxation. With a seat depth of 40-60 cm it is possible to sit upright, whereas a seat depth of +60 cm is for those who like to lie reclining. Where should the sofa stand?

In a small room: A sofa on high legs seems easy, and fits well into a small room. Choose the sofa in a light shade so that it doesn’t take too much attention in the room. In a large room: Here you have the freedom to choose a sofa in a different color and shape. Based on existing colors in the living room, the decor does not become too cluttered.