Fixing Steps For Computer Chairs Stays Up

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Computer chairs are not meant to last forever, and, sooner or later, things will start to go wrong. The most common failure with a computer chair is that it will no longer stay up. The fault lies in the gas cylinder that is in the vertical position of the chair under the seat. As the chain wears, the joints can become damaged, causing the gas to escape from the cylinder. Once the gas pressure decreases, it becomes difficult for the seat to stay underweight.

Remove the first base of the chair. Turn the chair upside down and use a screwdriver to lift the retaining clip. The base can then be removed with a little breath. Turn and pull the base until it slides out of the cylinder. As the base comes off, you will notice the washers and ball bearings. Put these aside. Now remove the cylinder itself. The cylinder is not screwed in, but it is a tapered fit and can be removed by using a socket wrench.

Now that the old cylinder is out, use it to be sure and get the right spare. Again place the ball bearings and washers in this order – large washer, bearing and smaller washer. Cover with the base and lower the clip. Turn the chair to the vertical position and then sit on it and tighten the conical joints.