Fun Locker Decorations Using Photos

Sport Locker Magnets

Locker Decorations – If you have a locker at school or at work you may want to decorate to suit your personal style. Schools and employers alike will not allow you to paint the closet or make structural changes, which creates the need for you to be smart about your creativity. If you want to decorate anyway, you will need some ideas on how to make it go away without damaging or altering the wardrobe in any way.

Create a photo frame with foam rubber. Use a pair of foam sheets to create a photo frame that you can change the photos at any time. Use a square of 5 x 7 inches of foam rubber for a base, and cut out a frame shape that will slightly overlap the base, but will load on the sides about an inch. Use hot glue to secure the frame to the base of only 3 sides. This will allow photos to slide in and out of the frame. Place a strip of magnetic adhesive tape on the back of the base, and stick to your locker.

For different sizes of photos, place a small section of the magnetic stripe directly on the back of the photo to show it without a frame. Keep them in an area of ​​your closet where they will not be easily folded or damaged by books or papers. Also, consider a small cork board without a frame. They are usually sold in 12 x 12-inch sizes at most craft stores or office supplies. The corkboard sticks to the inside of the cabinet door with adhesive tabs.