How To Decorate Contemporary Curio Cabinets

Wall Mounted Curio Cabinet

A contemporary curio cabinets can be a vital decorative accessory for a dining room or a living room. Due to the influences of the 1950s, curio cabinets are often seen as obsolete or outdated pieces of furniture. In order to keep your curio cabinet looking contemporary, you must update the items that you choose to display in the cabinet. That does not mean that you cannot show ancient Chinese from your grandmother, but it does mean that you will have to incorporate modern elements into the design of the curio cabinet. With some practical suggestions for the curio cabinet modernization, you can create the perfect detail for any living room or dining room.

Curio cabinets have notoriously been painted or dyed dark colors over the years, and this look is a little out of fashion. For a modern style, paint your curio cabinet of a lighter color. Some suggestions include soft golden yellow, whitish, green, moka and pale light. You will notice a big change in the general appearance of your curio cabinet once you have painted a more contemporary color.

The mirrors have a great way to add depth and character to a room. Since you do not want your curio cabinet to appear lifeless or outdated, use some simple mirrors placed on the back wall of the box to create an opening sensation. The mirrors are reflective, so they can be used to increase the dimensional and lighting elements in your living room or dining room. A curio cabinet will look larger and more attractive once you have added mirrors to the back wall.