How To Reupholster The Tufted Chair

Velvet Tufted Dining Chairs

The tufted chair may look old fashioned, but when reupholstered with a new elegant or cool fabric, they can serve as striking accent pieces. Reupholstering methods vary widely based on the particular body construction and upholstery of the chair, so adjustments as needed for your own project.

Unscrew and remove the seat from the chair. Remove the chair from the upholstery of all. Keep the fabric intact to be used as a pattern for the new pieces of upholstery. Remove the current tufts button by scissor cutting the free thread on the back of the cushion. Measure the areas in your chair you need to reupholster. Remove the old upholstery fabric that covers the buttons, or use a button kit to cover the desired fabric. Iron and put the pieces of old upholstery flat. Turn them on to the new upholstery fabric.

Resew any previously attached seams in the new fabric, such as the upper cushion seat and front. Lay the new fabric on the tufted foam. Mark the center of each tuft in the new tissue. Guide up and down through the center of one of the brand’s plumes in the new fabric and up to the cushion under it. Reattach chair cushions and hardware after it has been sewn to the upholstery, with studs or staples in place. Tighten the screws on the seat and back cushions.