Ideas For Hang A Hammock Chair In A Tree

Tree Chair Swing Ideas

The best hammock chair offers all the comfort and freedom of a hammock, but with a much smaller space requirement. If you have a suitable tree in your backyard, you can hang your chair from the hammock on a sturdy branch and enjoy hours of rest when reading, listening to music or just hanging out. But before you can start enjoying your new hammock chair, you need to assemble it properly.

Adjust a ladder under the tree, and locate the branch from which you wish to hang the chair from the hammock. Measure the distance from the ring that hangs on top of the chair from the hammock to the bottom of the branch you have selected. To this is added 8 inches to account for clearance, plus the distance needed to surround the branch with the chain; It can be determined that the figure by measuring the circumference of the branch.

Buy a link or a coil chain with a weight of more than what you expect to need; It is better to have a chain that is too strong than a chain that is too weak to support its weight and the weight of the chair in the hammock. Buy the same length of chain and a plastic tube. Choose a plastic tube large enough to allow the chain to slide easily.