Ideas Of Midcentury Bookcase

Walnut Mid Century Bookcase

Midcentury bookcase were included in modernism, and the sophisticated and sometimes ornate designs of the past spilled in favor of clean lines and simplistic design. Even today, you can build a mid-century bookshelf of basic tools and some supplies, and they have to look like it has been around since the 1950s.

Ideas for build midcentury bookcase measure and mark the lines across most of its plywood to divide into eight rectangles, each foot 1 for 4 in size. Draw a 4 foot long longitudinal line in the center of each plate 6 inches long from the edges. Draw a perpendicular line from the center line of each Tic mark on the sides of the tables so there is a total of four lines on each board, including the center line.

Cut a 1-inch wide notch in each board along the transverse lines of work from one side to the center line. Do not cross over the center line. Each card should have three 1-by-6-inch notches along the middle of the board when finished, with the other half remaining solid. Sand on all eight boards. Support four of the parallel plates on a long edge with the cut notches facing up. Space the boards 1 foot away and have someone hold them.