Ideas To Choose Persian Rug

Beautiful Oriental Persian Rug

Persian rug – Traditionally known for the variety of designs, colors, sizes and fabrics, Persian carpets offer a unique decoration for your home. Persian carpets are usually named for the area in which they were produced, or for the tribe that wove the fabric. While many look at the colors and designs chosen in a purely decorative way, each feature chosen for the carpet is linked to the indigenous culture and the techniques used in its elaboration. Choose a Persian rug based on your preference and quality.

Select the size of the Persian carpet you need for the room. For example, if you are buying a Persian rug for your dining room, measure your dining table and chairs. The carpet should be large enough to accommodate the chairs as well, to ensure the legs of the chair do not sit unevenly or wobble to the edge of the carpet.

Inspect each Persian rug for its quality and country of origin. Look at the carpet weave, which should be thin enough to define the pattern. Check the carpet for imperfections in the fabric or irregular knots and the quality of the wool used. The dyes used in the carpet should be consistent and show no signs of bleeding together. Originally, Iran or Persia produced the highest quality rugs, but in recent years, India, China, Turkey, Pakistan and Nepal have rugs of exceptional quality made by hand as well. Carpets produced in any of these countries must be of high quality.