Ideas To Paint Glider Chair

New Blue Glider Chair

Glider chair – If the existing paint on your paragliding chair is old and damaged, a new coat of paint to help build your chair look new again. If, on the other hand, the painting simply collides with the decoration of your present, then the new painting work will help the mixture into a better chair, becoming a part of the appearance of the room where it is placed. Regardless of the reason for painting your paragliding chair, the current process is no different to that of painting any other furniture.

Place a tarp on the floor in a well-ventilated work area large enough to hold the chair with room to move freely around the furniture. Place the chair in the center of the protective fabric. Unfasten the seat cushion straps and remove them from the chair. Remove the top of the chair, the seat of the chair, the chair backwards and the arms of the glider base with a screwdriver.

Use a respirator and sand the surface of the chair using medium grain sandpaper to remove any peeling paint and glossy finish, as well as to create a rough texture to improve paint adhesion. Clean the sanded surface with an antistatic cloth to remove dust. Cover the chair with a layer of primer paint. Use a manual compactor to cover the flat areas of the chair with the primer, a little bit above priming bumps to avoid the creation of visible return lines on the surface of the primer.