Midcentury Coffee Table Ideas

Round Mid Century Coffee Table

Midcentury coffee table is a relative newcomer in the history of furniture. Although the first were invented in the 19th century, it did not really become popular until the 20th century. A coffee table is a low table often placed in front of the sofa and used both as a surface for food, drink, newspapers and articles display, and as a footrest. Because coffee tables have such a short history, you can be as inventive as ever to choose one for your own home. Let your taste and interests and your household’s needs lead you to one who is both fun and practical.

For those who want a low surface area, almost all objects with a flat surface can be turned to a coffee table. Choose something that reflects your interests and is a good size for your space. People have made coffee tables of surfboards (just to put their legs), children’s sleds, wheelbarrows (put a board over the top) and even aquariums (top with glass so people can look down on fish). Another option is to wrap a beautiful piece of fabric or wallpaper around a board size you choose, cover it with glass, frame it with strips of casting and lay the legs.

Pair of large flower pots or ornamental planting machines can be topped with glass to make a beautiful coffee table. Just think of getting tempered glass it is unlikely to break, and has rounded corners for comfort and safety.