Midcentury Modern Bed Ideas

Classic Modern Bed Plan

Midcentury modern bed Mid-century modern style incorporates a minimal selection of additional decoration in the bedroom design. The clean lines and primary colors of contemporary furniture are easy to achieve with a do-it-yourself double bed frame. You can combine a simple platform raster with enamel paint to create a modern and attractive piece of furniture at a fraction of what it would cost to buy at a boutique furniture store. For a project of this simple, you may even want to involve the child who goes to sleep in bed. It will build your sense of belonging and responsibility, while introducing what the basics of do it yourself projects.

Cut the wood with the necessary dimensions. If you do not have a power saw, ask your wood store to cut your purchase with the specification. Sand all sides of the wood with coarse grained sandpaper. Sand the following sides of the wood with the fine-grained sandpaper: one side of the plywood, all the edges of the plywood, one side of each of the four beams, the ends of the beams of 75 inches (but not the 36-inch beams), the four sides of each post. These are the parts that will be visible after the construction.

Apply primer to all the faces that sand with fine grain sandpaper. Let it dry completely. Mount the four beams in a rectangle shape, placed in a shorter way the beams are inside the longer beams. The beams should rest on their narrowest side.