Midcentury Modern Lighting With Retro Ideas

Mid Century Modern Sputnik Chandelier

Midcentury Modern Lighting – If contemporary fashions were never to your liking, you may have a taste for classic pieces from different eras. This love for all things retro extends not only to clothing or even your record collection but also to the decoration of your home. Lamps are an interesting way to tie vintage-inspired rooms together while illuminating the space. Whether purchased at antique stores or thrift stores, refurbished or reproduced, retro-style lamps make the right addition to any recoil space.

One of the most emblematic accessories for home decoration in the 1970s was the lava lamp. These cone-shaped lamps featured illuminated, multi-colored drops of thick liquid that changed shapes and flowed along with the lamp when it was plugged in. The lava lamp is the best choice for a psychedelic seventies swing room. Lava lamps can sometimes be found used, but it is usually best to buy them the new way that the gel interiors are still working properly.

From the early 1920s until the late 1930s, art deco was the design style that prevails. With its emphasis on the balance of geometric lines with strong curves of modern inspiration, art deco gave way to bold lamp styles. For example, cylindrical wall sconces, lamps with bases made of iron or scroll work chrome accents and lampshades with bright and vibrant colors all calls to mind the art deco style. Look for pieces of deco-inspired art such as sales of goods or stores of classic items.