Moen Remodel Plate By Replace It

Smitty Plate

Moen Remodel Plate – Whether repairing a worn-out faucet handle or changing to a different design for a bathroom remodel, you can replace a bathtub or shower faucet handle with just a few tools. There are two main types of faucets for bathtubs and showers. The first has multiple handles that control the flow of hot or cold water and sometimes the flow through either the shower or the spout. The second is a single handle that turns an internal valve to control the mixture of hot and cold water.

Remove the cover cap on the top of each faucet tap. Unscrew the screw connecting the handle to the valve stem of the tap with the Phillips screwdriver. Alternatively, loosen the Allen screw on the side or underside of the key handle, if your faucet has one. Pull the faucet tap from the tap valve. Wrap some Teflon tape around the valve stem, if worn. Place the new lever on the valve stem. Pass the screw back into the valve stem. Tighten with the Phillips screwdriver or Allen key.

Remove the front cover plate from the key handle. Loosen the screw that holds the handle of the key to the valve assembly. Pull the handle on the valve stem wrench. Orient the new lever on the key in the correct position and place the handle on the valve assembly. Back to the screw on the valve assembly to hold the handle in place. Fit the new cover plate on the front of the new key.