Restoring Ideas To Midcentury Modern Kitchen

Restoring Mid Century Kitchen Cabinets

Midcentury Modern Kitchen – Many kitchens in the 1950s had a creamy cake on the walls, cabinets, and counters. Most refrigerators and stoves were still white but colored large appliances were beginning to appear. When a mid-century kitchen is restored, you can try to keep the original things restoring existing appliances and looking for genuine materials from the 50s for replacement needs. An easier option though would be to use new products that deliberately seek out old ones to create a 50s decor. An additional benefit of using modern appliances instead of restoring old ones is that the new ones are more efficient.

Flip through magazines, look online or visit a library or bookstore to gather as much information as you can. Paint the walls according to your taste. Plain, light walls were common during the mid-century as bright colors. Replacing, repainting or renovating kitchen cabinets, especially if you have them at present have raised doors. Select and buy knobs and handles for your kitchen cabinets.

To maintain a true feel of the 50s, new efficient appliances of special order created specifically to look old. That is with deeply rounded corners and shiny metal closures. Processes for a home or carpet and tile store consult a specialist about the type of flooring to install. Decide on new countertops. Laminate counters were popular in the fifties. And will be one of the easiest materials for you to find today, as it is still a popular choice for accountants.