Split Level Remodel: Make It Modern!

Brick Exterior Design Ideas For Split Level House

Homes split level remodel are not the most popular. Many are confused by their value, and many people are confused about how to separate their entertaining spaces from their lounging spots. But in reality, these unique houses have a personality that traditional homes can never achieve. Let’s just take a look at a number of split home plans to get brainstorming and decide if this setup is right for you.

Use the split to your advantage. Incorporate the stairs by creating a sleek and cozy space that incorporates your love of modern, contemporary styles. Although this house is of vintage value, we love how the path that leads to the dining room is so beautifully highlighted. Sometimes the splits come right at the entrance. Don’t let this brand foyer go to games, create a convenient mudroom in place!

If your split is in a large, spacious area, you’re lucky. It is the most advantageous place to have it and you can easily create a room that is made to feel like you are in some luxurious ceilings. For a fun look and more appealing style, exchange traditional stairs for something a little more artistic. Immediately, this split level is something more trendy and modern.