Style Of Traditional And Contemporary Living Rooms

Modern Tables For Living Room

Contemporary Living Rooms – Contemporary and traditional decorating styles are distinct, without a doubt, but this is no reason why you cannot mix them in your living room for a look that works. You can create harmony by using similar colors and by allowing accessories to connect both styles. The key to pulling this aspect is allowing a style to dominate the environment. When you know how to use your pieces, you can create a nice look that your guests will love.

The colors you use in your living room will improve the mood we are going to give. Look at the objects that can be kept for color inspiration. Choose a set of three colors of sofa or chair with a patterned fabric, a favorite piece of art wall or rug. Make a primary color, while the other two will serve as the secondary color. Contemporary colors are usually bright and clean, like white, while traditional colors are richer and more luxurious. A good combination of the two is the white for the primary color with the navy blue or burgundy of secondary colors.

Mix contemporary and traditional furniture, keeping similar colors. You can combine different styles and maintain the color tones of it without making your room look messy or unbalanced. Contemporary designs have clean lines and feel light compared to traditional designs for heavier furniture, which can be more ornate and decorative.