The Best Options Of Mesh Office Chair

Staples Mesh Office Chair

Mesh office chair feature modern design and breathable materials that would ideally reduce odor and increase comfort. To protect the spine, circulation and overall health, choose a mesh chair that suits your individual needs. Cornell University Web ergonomics, or Corgo, offers several recommendations for selecting the right chair: Buy one that is durable, comfortable and allows you to adjust the lumbar support, seat height and armrest, the depth of the seat and the inclination of the tension.

Launched in 1994, the Herman Miller Aeron chair remains one of the highest-ranking mesh chairs on the market, according to Made of Pellicle mesh, it has depth and adjustable lumbar height. Users can also adjust the seat-pan and angle of the armrests, tilt tension and the height of the armrests and seats. Available in small, medium and large sizes, the Aeron sells for $ 630 to $ 900, as of January 2011.

President of the freedom of Humanscale – the price of around $ 1,000 – also qualifies as one of the best general mesh chairs, according to the collaborators in Galt Technology’s Purchase Guide. The chair has a gel seat with two manual adjusters for seat height and depth. Its tri-panel mesh so that lumbar support is offered without external devices or manual adjustments. Consumers can buy freedom without arms, or choose fixed or adjustable height armrests.