The Ideas Of The Bedroom Decor

Small Bedroom Decorating Ideas

With bedroom decor sets costing more than $ 2,000 and four-poster beds not too far behind, decorating your bedroom can be a costly endeavor. Instead of pouring all the money earned into the hands of the large retailer, create a customized version at home to get the look for less.

The purchase of a canopy bed is a luxury that many of us cannot afford. If you want the softness to provide a canopy, but can give up a four-poster bed, you can create a canopy in your house on the cheap. You will need two curtain rods, hardware to install them and two sets of transparent curtains. To start, the mounting of the curtain rods on the ceiling, one on each side of your bed. Then, just place a set of curtains on each bar and pull the separate panels towards the ends of the rod. There should be a curtain panel in each corner of the bed.

The purchase of new furniture simply does not make sense when you’re present furniture is in good condition. If you are looking for a simple change of color or a more modern look, give your furniture a facelift by painting and changing hardware out. You will need sandpaper, primer and spray paint (or a stain) and new handles or knobs. Set up an outdoor space or in your garage to paint furniture. Remove hardware and sand the piece. Then apply a uniformly spray primer to the furniture and let it dry. Next, spray paint the piece and let it dry before installing new handles or knobs.