The Use Of Decorative Stone

Types Of Landscaping Rocks

Decorative stone – Decorative stone and natural stone coverings serve as quality coverings that have a noticeable aesthetic effect. Moreover, they bring the elements of nature into every room thanks to its characteristics. The porosity of natural stones allows a rapid transfer of heat through the walls and, at the same time, allows to improve the acoustics of the room. Because the structure of the rock absorbs the sound and consequently reduces the echo in the room.

The coatings are suitable for walls and floors. External use of decorative landscaping stone depends on the size of the motif. Smaller and thinner models are more suitable for exterior surfaces that are not directly exposed to weather changes, for example, under a roof. Stone is a natural material, so the structure and color may vary. Not even two stone colors are completely alike. The floors gradually become smoother and therefore more slippery.

To reduce slipperiness, recommended using impregnating agents, which are available in specialist shops. Natural stone is distinguished from artificial decorative landscape stone. Unlike artificial stone, the interior of natural stone, cut in half, does not have a different color. Space lighting is extremely important, as it creates a particularly elegant effect. The color tone of the stone depends on the impurities present in the air during the formation. While the lighting and the shadows give the coatings a lively and eternal appearance.